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League of Legends Champions Korea is the primary competition for League of Legends esports in South Korea. Contested by ten teams, the league runs two seasons per year and serves as a direct route to qualification for the annual League of Legends World Championship. Buy Lck Merch Here

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Before going through a significant restructure in late 2014 that resulted in a change in the competition’s format and a rebranding to its present moniker, the league was known as League of Legends Champions. Up until 2016, OGN had the league’s sole broadcasting rights; after that, those rights were split with SPOTV Games. The LCK broadcasting was taken up by Riot Games in 2019. Challengers Korea (CK) and the LCK promotion competition were dropped once the LCK franchised in 2021.

The LCK is regarded as one of the world’s toughest League of Legends championships, with teams from the league taking home a record seven World Championship trophies, including five straight from 2013 to 2017.

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The main League of Legends esports competition in South Korea is called League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK). Ten teams compete in the league, which has two seasons per year and offers a straight path to the yearly League of Legends World Championship. In collaboration with KeSPA, Riot Games manages the LCK.

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The first significant League of Legends competition in South Korea was held in March 2012, following the debut of the nation’s League of Legends server in December 2011. The competition, dubbed The Champions Spring 2012, took place from March to May and featured 16 teams. MiG Blaze defeated their organizational brother team MiG Frost in the competition’s finals to claim the title of first-time champion. Later that year, The Champions Summer 2012 was held, and a renamed MiG Frost, now known as Azubu Frost, won the competition. Azubu Frost and NaJin Sword then went on to represent South Korea at the League of Legends World Championship in their debut outing in October.

A tri-tournament annual circuit was soon set as the norm for the league’s calendar year, now consisting of three seasons held in the winter, spring, and summer. Azubu Frost and NaJin Sword clashed early in 2013 in the finals of Champions Winter 2012–13, with the latter emerging victorious. Champions Spring 2013 and Champions Summer 2013 later followed, being won by MVP Ozone and SK Telecom T1 K respectively. SK Telecom T1 K went on to win the Season 3 World Championship later that year, becoming the first team from the league to do so.

SK Telecom T1 K became the first team to successfully defend their title the following year, sweeping Samsung Galaxy Ozone in the finals of Champions Winter 2013–14 to cap off an undefeated tournament run. Ozone’s sibling team, Samsung Galaxy Blue, went on to win Champions Spring 2014 but were bested in the finals of Champions Summer 2014 by kt Rolster Arrows.

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